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Essential Guide To The Things To Do In Independence MO

For those wishing to visited the Independence city you will be delighted with the number of attractions located there. That this place is endowed with cultural heritage is evident from the availability of many museums and art centers. This is the city that gave birth to one of the presidents of United States, Harry S. Truman.

One of the places that has been viewed as a landmark in the Independence city is the presidential site that doubles as a museum that goes by the name of Harry S. Truman Library and Museum. If you are ardent fan of the U.S. history you will have the opportunity to see various documents, photographs and letters that are associated with the reign of President Truman.

While in the Independence city you should not skip to the Chicago &Alton Depot which is situated at a historic train depot and have been maintained in excellent conditions considering it came into being as far back as 1879. You will come across items in this museum that were used in the late 19th century.

Tourists to the Independence city will also find time to visit the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena that is a facility with the capacity to hold up to 6000 people for various events. Your culinary requirements will be satisfied here as you will have access to eateries that are renown for serving delicious food and drinks to the visitors.

A unique museum that is famous for holding collections and exhibits of hair art that comprises several thousands wreath and jewelry pieces is found in this city and is known by the name of Leila’s Hair Museum. It is believed that among the collections you will find hair that belonged to Queen Victoria and four US presidents among other famous personalities.

Visitors to the Independence city can use that opportunity to experience the magic of Italian food at Caf Verona that offers extensive menu for lunch and dinner. You will find vegetarian choices in the caf as well as a vast collection of to of the class wines.

While on your visit to the Independence city ensure that a trip of the Ophelia’s Restaurant & Inn is included in your itinerary. The restaurant offers its customers a shrimp tempura as a starter for their lunch meal which is followed by the delicious grilled tenderloin sandwich. You can start your dinner with a very tasty appetizer called the charcuterie board that is followed by a choice of main meals that include Caesar salad and grilled Norwegian salmon.

Visitors to the Independence city have the chance to learn about the important role that is played by the US Federal Reserve in the country’s economy when they go to The Money Market Museum. As a bonus at the of the tour you will take with you a shredded currency.

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